About Sahana

Sahana is a tool that allows users to collect disaster related information vital for disaster relief efforts, such as disaster conditions, aid related information, and information on shelters, material aid, facilities, volunteers, etc., that can be used to analyze the situation and to identify the measures that must be taken when engaged in disaster relief efforts. Sahana allows users to identify issues via visualized information that is presented through an intuitive map-based interface, and to manage and share a wide variety of information in an integrated manner so that the appropriate course of action can be determined.

For more details on Sahana's features, please refer to the overview given here.

In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Tohoku earthquake of 2011) that occurred on March 11th, 2011, multiple local government bodies and authorities made use of Sahana to facilitate relief efforts to aid disaster affected residents.

Using Sahana

Offering a wide array of features, Sahana can be utilized to meet the specific needs of an organization engaged in disaster relief efforts.

Using Sahana publicly
Sahana allows one to visually analyze a wide range of data entered by users through a map-based interface. Furthermore, by allowing local relief organizations to provide information to one another, Sahana makes it possible to identify and share information on such things as regional conditions and disparities in material aid distribution, etc.
Using Sahana privately
Sahana can also be used privately, in order to allow for the efficient execution of intra-organizational tasks, such as volunteer matching and material aid management. Sahana's current features allow users to perform such actions as associating map-based location data with information on such things as material aid as well as generating Gantt charts to intuitively track volunteer data.

Our Community

In the past, Sahana has been deployed to aid in relief efforts for the Northern Sumatra earthquake, Sichuan earthquake, and Haiti earthquake, among other disasters that have occurred overseas. The Sahana Japan Team is a local community effort that aims to modify Sahana to suit the needs of Japanese users and to promote the use of Sahana, so that it can play a more vital role in disaster risk management in Japan.

Learn more about the activities of us at the Sahana Japan Community.

We would like to thank IBM Japan for providing us with their IBM Smart Business Cloud service as well as technical support in our activities related to the Great East Japan earthquake.